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Image by Jason Dent

The Next-Gen AI Robotic Mower
AI Vision + RTK Technology 

No Perimeter Wire anymore, enjoy a 100% hands-free mowing experience without setting up perimeter wires or installations.


AI Vision+ RTK for Effortless Lawn Care

No Perimeter Needed

Easily Manage Your Mower from Your Smartphone

Experience the future of lawn care with Mowsion Robot Mower!


About Mowsion AI Robot Lawn Mower

Embrace the future of lawn care with the VIGO Series Lawn Mower:

An intelligent, one-click solution to lawn maintenance. Engineered with the latest AI Vision Algorithms and Vision Fusion Localization Technology, this innovative mower autonomously navigates and customizes lawn boundaries. Its rapid, 0.1-second obstacle detection makes manual setups and controls history. Trust VIGO for an effortless, precise lawn every time.

Why Choose Mowsion AI Robot Lawn Mower

AI-Vision Powered 

Our AI-driven mower provides a precise cut every time, ensuring your lawn looks perfect.

Robust and Reliable 

By leveraging precise location data, RTK-enabled products can greatly enhance operational efficiency

Durable, High-Quality Build

We use high-quality and durable materials to ensure our mowers last for years.

Direct from the Manufacture

Premium Robotics by the Leading AI Vision and RTK Manufacturer

AI Smart Lawn Mower: Sleek Design, Precision Cutting

Discover Mowsion Robot Mowers

ODM/OEM Services

At Vigo AI Mower, we pride ourselves in being your trusted supplier of high-quality robot mowers. Our innovative designs are customizable, so you can choose the colors, sizes, logos, shapes, and parts to fit your lawn mowing needs and preferences. We’re committed to helping you achieve a perfectly manicured lawn with minimal effort and maximum results.

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