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Vigo 500 Eco/Vigo 1000 Pro/Vigo 1000 Ultra Robotic Lawn Mower

  • Advanced Vision Recognition: Employs cutting-edge cameras and algorithms to identify and adhere to lawn boundaries—Differentiates between grass, garden beds, pathways, and other landscape features.

  • RTK Base Station Integration: Provides centimeter-level precision tracking via an RTK base station for accurate, straight mowing lines.Ensures parallel mowing paths for efficient and complete lawn coverage.

  • Intelligent Path Planning: Real-time processing of visual and positional data to plan the most efficient mowing route. Customizes mowing strategies for varying lawn shapes and sizes.

  • High-Efficiency Mowing: Systematic back-and-forth mowing pattern that mimics professional landscaping techniques. Reduces time and energy spent on overlapping or re-mowing areas.

  • Advance Obstacle Detection and Avoidance:Instantly recognizes and navigates around temporary objects or unexpected obstacles. Protects mower, property, and pets from accidental collisions.

  • Automated Mowing Schedules: Set and forget functionality with customizable mowing timelines.

  • The mower operates autonomously following the user-defined schedule.

  • Manual Operation Mode: User control through a mobile app for spot mowing or manual path selection.Option for remote steering for intricate areas.

  • Eco-Friendly Operation: Battery-powered mower for a quiet and green mowing solution. Efficient energy use to maximize area covered per charge cycle.

  • Durable and Safe Design: Built to withstand various outdoor conditions and everyday use.

  • Safety features include quick-stop blades and tilt/flip sensors.

  • Connectivity and Monitoring: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for remote monitoring and controls. Receive real-time updates, notifications, and lawn status reports.

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AI-Driven Boundary Detection

Discover our AI-driven mower for a perfect lawn. With AI Vision, it recognizes boundaries, navigates with ease, and provides a precise cut every time. Manage it from your smartphone for hassle-free lawn care. Welcome to Smarter Mowing.

RTK-Based Precise Navigation

Our cutting-edge RTK-Based Precise Navigation system allows our mower to accurately calculate its position in real-time, enabling it to mow with the unparalleled precision and efficiency essential for a professional-looking lawn.

Advanced AI recognition & Obstacle Avoidance 

Our intelligent robot mower is designed to recognize obstacles in its path and take action before bumping into them. You can trust that our mower will navigate your lawn with ease, leaving you with a beautifully manicured lawn.

Efficient and Hassle-Free

Our AI-driven lawn mower is designed to make your life easier. With its efficient operation and smartphone management, you can enjoy hassle-free lawn care all season long.

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Nero-network Based Vision Recognition

Virtual Boundary: it recognize soil and grass and covers base on large scale of image data. Vigo never mows in area that has no grass. If you put it on the solid ground, the mower will stop blade at once.
It recognize the obstacle and take action before bump into it.

Active obstacle avoidance: It recognizes the obstacle and takes action before bumping into it.


Improved Operational Efficiency by RTK

​​Equipped with Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS technology, our robotic mower achieves unparalleled precision in lawn care, executing its task by moving in perfectly parallel lines. This precision-guided pattern ensures complete and uniform coverage, resulting in a meticulously groomed lawn every time. The RTK system's centimeter-level accuracy guides the mower in efficient, straight pathways, preventing overlaps and missed spots, and leaving behind a beautifully striped, professional-looking lawn.


Remote Control App


With the intelligent IoT system, you can adjust everything in the settings via the Mowsion App to create a unique and perfect lawn. In addition, the OTA updates allow for more accurate results from the database. 





VIGO 500 Eco

AI Vision Only

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Cutting Width 20cm

Broundry Type: Visual Recognition

Route Patterns: Randonm Straight, Spiral


Cutting Hight Adjustment 20-70mm

Battery Capacity 4Ah

Cutting Coverage (Max) 500m2

Auto Charge


Rain Sensor

IPX6 Water Proof

Remote Control APP

Working Noise 54db

Color Display

2 Year Body Warranty

Abnormal Stop Sensors )

Brushless Motor

VIGO 1000 Pro

AI Vision+RTK Station

Mowsion view (2)_edited_edited.jpg

Broundry Type: Visual Recognition

Route Patterns: Zigzag, Grid

RTK Station


Continue Mow from Stopped Point

Cutting Hight Adjustment 20-70mm

Cutting Width 20cm

Battery Capacity 6Ah

Cutting Coverage (Max) 1000m2

Auto Charge


Rain Sensor