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  • How does AI vision technology work in the VIGO smart lawn mower?
    AI Vision Fusion Localization technology employed by our smart lawn mower creates a virtual map of your garden's boundaries, negating the need for manual setup.
  • Is the VIGO Series child and pet-friendly among autonomous mowers?
    Safety is our priority, making the VIGO Series the ideal pet-friendly and child-safe robotic mower due to its prompt obstacle detection capabilities.
  • Is the VIGO Series a weatherproof lawn mower for rainy conditions?
    While built to be robust, for prolonged life and best performance, we recommend using our weatherproof mower predominantly in dry conditions.
  • What is the VIGO Series robotic lawn mower?
    The VIGO Series is a cutting-edge robotic lawn mower equipped with AI technology, designed for automating your lawn care routine with state-of-the-art vision algorithms.
  • Can I leave the VIGO autonomous lawn mower unsupervised?
    Yes, the VIGO Series autonomous mower is designed for your convenience, allowing you to enjoy your free time while it takes care of the lawn mowing. You can also use your cellphone to remote control it.
  • What is the VIGO Series battery life and recharge time for lawn mowers?
    With an optimized battery life for extended mowing sessions, our efficient lawn mower recharges quickly, keeping your lawn perfect with minimal downtime.
  • What maintenance does the VIGO Series require for optimal mower performance?
    Minimal maintenance is required; just regular cleaning and keeping the cutting blades sharp will ensure your automated mower is always ready for action.
  • Are smart mowers like VIGO Series capable of avoiding obstacles instantly?
    Absolutely, our AI-powered smart mower boasts a quick-response obstacle avoidance feature, reacting in just 0.1 seconds for seamless lawn mowing.
  • How can distributors benefit from adding the VIGO Series to their portfolio of lawn care equipment?
    The innovative AI technology and autonomous features of the VIGO Series provide distributors with a highly marketable product for businesses looking to upgrade their lawn care offerings.
  • Are customization options available for ODM clients with the VIGO Series lawn mowers?
    We offer various customization options for ODM clients to meet specific market requirements, ensuring the VIGO Series aligns with your brand and product strategy.
  • What kind of technical support does the VIGO Series provide to B2B clients for bulk orders?
    Our dedicated B2B support team provides comprehensive technical assistance and training, ensuring a smooth integration of the VIGO Series into your product line.
  • What competitive advantages does the VIGO Series robotic lawn mower offer to resellers?
    As a reseller, you can leverage the VIGO Series' cutting-edge Vision Fusion Localization and AI obstacle detection to meet the growing demand for smart lawn care solutions in commercial and municipal markets.
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